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Curriculum for MCA Degree. Suggested by.

Master in computer application

All India Board of Computer Science, Engg./Tech and Applications This volume contains the curriculum being suggested for the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course being offered by many Universities in India. The All India Board 6 in business management.

4 in. Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme is a three-year programme with one full semester devoted to project work. In addition to the core courses in Computer Science covering the basic knowledge areas, there are courses from Mathematics, Management and Humanities, which enable the students to acquire the required skills for a successful career.

Master of Arts (Tourism Management) (MTM) Master of Arts(Education) (MA(Edu)) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Commerce (MCom) Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Master of Education (MEd) Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Master of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management (MSc(DFSM)).

MCA is a new age degree course in the field of Computer course is a course which is customized for the Students who wish to shine in the field of Computers Application and Information the completion of your Graduation(Mathematics is compulsory),you can join MCA.

Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a three year course with six semester. If you have an interest in computer application then you can easily pursue this course. Along with science students even BBA, students can also pursue this course.

By pursuing this course you can easily look for jobs in the information technology industry.

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