Muslim terrorism in the united states essay

Revolution Muslim: Downfall or Respite?

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Struggling Against Stereotypes

Inside Story - Gloomy now for Muslim-Western relations. It is significant we silence this Islamophobia with facts. Dec 09,  · Non-Muslims make up the majority of terrorists in the United States: According to the FBI, 94% of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States from to have been by non-Muslims.

In JulyZachary Chesser was arrested in the United States for trying to join Somalia’s al-Shabab terrorist group.

9/11 Attacks

His arrest brought attention to a U.S.-based extremist group operating in the New York City area, known as Revolution Muslim, of which Chesser was a member.[1].

Hugh Fitzgerald: Calculating the Costs of Muslim Terrorism: La Braderie, For Example Aug 9, am By Hugh Fitzgerald The mayor of Lille, in northeast France, has just announced the cancellation of La Braderie, the largest flea market in Europe, with.

But the anti-American focus of the Muslim world’s terrorism is a creature of circumstances, in which the United States itself has played a role. While Islam is foreign to and incompatible with America, there is nothing specifically anti-American about it. Given that the Muslim population in the United States is about 1/7 th size of its West European counterpart (3 million vs.

21 million), using the figures of arrests for the United States and 1, for Europe suggests that the Muslim per-capita arrest rate on terrorism-related charges in the United States is times higher than in Europe.

Discrimination of Muslims

The only possible way to eliminate terrorism is if media and super powers such as United States, China and Russia stop taking advantage of general public and start playing a .

Muslim terrorism in the united states essay
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9/11 Attacks Essay Sample