Passing places stephen greenhorn essay

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They play I am analysing is Passing Places, by Stephen Greenhorn. It is a Scottish play from which is set in Motherwell. Essay Writing: Scottish Contemporary Theatre Step 1 Intro should answer the essay question Passing Places By Stephen Greenhorn. Designed to help highlight issues for Contemporary Scottish Theatre Essays in Higher Drama.

Higher Acting Exam. Popular presentations. Bibliography of Scottish Literature. Back to contents page. Scottish Literature since (Drama) Anthologies. A Decade’s Drama (Todmorden: Woodhouse, ), [plays of the The play I am analysing is Passing Places, by Stephen Greenhorn.

Passing places is a contemporary Scottish play, and is a comedy. There are some serious points in the play, but overall Stephen Greenhorn used the comedic element to good effect. I thought I was the only rebel with a cause.

For my class notes, and for as many papers as possible, I used a question or my research question as a hook to get the reader's attention. A new production Stephen Greenhorn’s stage play Passing Places opens on 18th April-5th May at Dundee Rep before touring to Citizens Theatre, Glasgow for 8thth May.

Book tickets here. Stephen is represented by Frances Arnold.

Passing places stephen greenhorn essay
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Stephen Greenhorn – Passing Places and Sunshine on Leith