Primate essay at the zoo

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Primate Essay at the Zoo

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Primate Essay at the Zoo

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It is a non-profit organisation and its mission is to support and promote conservation by breeding threatened animals, providing excellent animal welfare, high. Primates at the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida Essay Words | 5 Pages. At the Lowery Park Zoo located in Tampa Florida, I was able to conduct a field project on primates.

These primates that I focused on are divided into the suborders Anthropoidea and Prosimii. I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo and observed their primates. I looked at 2 apes: the western lowland gorilla and the white-handed gibbon and 1 monkey: the Bolivian grey titi monkey.

I looked at 2 apes: the western lowland gorilla and the white-handed gibbon and 1 monkey: the Bolivian grey titi monkey. Zoo Setting The setting that this research took place was at the San Antonio Zoo on Saturday, October 21, The temperature was a temperate 76 F with a generally clear sky and bright sun at the start of the research at PM.

Primate Observation Essay. A+. Pages Words This is just a sample. Primates are some of the most interesting animals to watch and learn about whether it be in person at a zoo or seeing a film or documentary on wild ones in a natural environment. Part of this reason is due to the incredible amount of similarities found in between.

While you are at the zoo, follow steps “a” through “d” for each of the three parts. After your visit to the zoo, use the questions in step “e” as a guide as you write your paper.

Primate essay at the zoo
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