The application of 3d printing in space exploration

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3D modeling

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A Sydney based industrial design house creating their own pieces, as well as developing concepts, modelling, prototyping and manufacturing for clients ranging from niche boutique brands, to multinational organisations, turning ideas into reality.

How is 3D Printing being used in the Space Industry, and how will using it in Space be revolutionary for the technology? A company by the name of Planetary Resources developed a spacecraft in that was fully made utilizing 3D technology.

space challenges is the biggest free educational program for space science, technology and exploration. A new era in human spaceflight and exploration has begun, advocates of 3D printing say. The 3D printer aboard the International Space Station produced its first part Monday (Nov.

The Stargate from space exploration technology startup Relativity Space is in development to be “the largest metal 3D printer in the world.” Powered by three robotic arms, the machine promises.

The application of 3d printing in space exploration
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Researchers use 3-D printing to create metallic glass alloys in bulk