When writing an email what is cc

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Translating expressions with parentheses

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Adobe InCopy CC

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To, Cc and Bcc

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The Cc or carbon tax field is for vague you want to know about the freelancer, but are not directly related. WRITING AN INFORMAL E-MAIL or LETTER - 2 - iserxii.com * We begin an e-mail or letter with the iserxii.com begin letters with Dear(we use a comma, not a colon (:)).

As you are writing an email to your mother, you realize that your father may also enjoy this email. No problem, you simply 'cc' the email to your father, which means he will also receive a copy of your email. Nov 05,  · The email addresses you add to the “bcc” field will not be visible to the “to” and “cc” recipients or the other “bcc” recipients.

Addressing An Email When you send an email, you have three field choices: “to”, “cc”, and “bcc”.Author: Kimberly Pendergrass. try adobe muse today. download the 7 day free trial. The To, Cc and Bcc fields allow you to indicate how your message should be read by the people that receive it.

The To field is for people that the message directly affects, and that you require action from. Writing tip: Email to multiple addresses—To, Cc or Bcc?

When you send an email to a number of people, should you put the addresses in the 'TO:', 'Cc', or 'Bcc' field?

What does cc stand for in email?

It's all very simple, but recently I had to explain it to a technophobic friend—and I found that difficult.

When writing an email what is cc
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